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What is the difference between vaping and smoking?

Unlike regular cigarettes or heated tobacco, vaping is entirely tobacco free. E-cigarettes do not require the burning or heating of tobacco but use a battery powered device and heating element with a cartridge that contains liquid. Puffing on the device heats the liquid which produces vapor or cloud.  Puffing regular cigarettes burns the tobacco which produces smoke which along with tar is a proven danger for smokers and those around them.

Do E-Cigarettes contain nicotine?

E-cigarettes do contain nicotine which is an addictive substance. In Switzerland and across Europe the amount of nicotine is limited to a maximum 2mg/ml or less than 2%.

Nicotine free E-cigarettes are available with 0mg/ml clearly.  

 Every batch of our SKE Crystal Bar, SKE Crystal Pods, SKE Strip and Geek Bar brands are independently tested at the manufacturing plant before release for sale.


What is the Metal Coil, and why is it important?

Our Strip products utilize a mesh coil instead of a cotton coil. This increases the amount of heat and thus, more vapor is produced, leading to a much more intense flavor hit with every puff.

Why 600 puffs?

600 puffs are the recommended legal amount. This is the maximum number of puffs for an adult consumer from a 2ml e-liquid tank. We believe it is misleading a to claim more than 600 puffs from a 2ml tank.

Why don’t you offer 1500 and 2500 puffs?

E-Cigarettes with an e-liquid content of more than 2 ml are not legally allowed for sale in Switzerland or the European Union.

The industry standard in Europe is that 1 ml on average delivers 300 puffs so in a compliant 2ml e-cigarette that is approximately 600 puffs. Some brands may exaggerate the number of puffs even with a 2ml e-liquid but do not be fooled the liquid content and the individual user determines the number of puffs not what is claimed on some packs.

Brands that offer 1500 puffs (E-Liquid content 4.8ml) or larger are not compliant with Swiss regulations 

This is legislated in the new Swiss Tobacco Laws.

For more information on the legislation regarding e-Cigarettes in Switzerland please use the link below.

E-Zigaretten (admin.ch)

Can I recycle my vapes?

Yes you can, Evapify Switzerland is working with our key partners to establish a return and recycle program and look out for our recycling bins in stores. If you want more details on where our recycling bins are located, please email us at info@evapify.ch.

How do I Avoid Counterfeit Vapes

Counterfeit or e-cigarettes that do not comply with Swiss standards are unfortunately too common in the Swiss market. These products can be unsafe and are often unreliable but there are some easy ways to avoid any risk.

There are:

  1. The packaging should be in at least two of the Swiss National Languages (German, French or Italian)
  2. The packing should have the approved health warning only in one of official Swiss Languages one of which should be shown prominently on the front panel in a box with a black border.
  3. The name of the Swiss importer should be shown on the packaging with a Swiss address and contact telephone number and email address.
  4. Check for a UFI code on the packaging.

Always buy from a reputable seller that you trust and if buying on line buy from Swiss registered web site.

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