Illegal Vaping Products in Switzerland.

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At Evapify, we envision a world in which regular tobacco users can be provided with a healthier alternative through e-liquid products. This can help limit the carcinogenic products they intake on a daily basis and facilitate a smooth transition to a tobacco-free lifestyle. 

Of course, achieving this relies on producing products that comply with proper regulations in terms of product quality and social responsibility. 

There are multiple dangers associate with illegal vaping products. Just yesterday in Salford, UK, £400,000 worth of illegal vapes were raided. Many of them had packaging designed to appeal to children, and due to the products being unregulated, they contained over 11 times the legal e-liquid limit. 

Further raids in the UK also uncovered e-cigarettes with quantities of lead and nickel that were 2.4 and 9.4 times the safe exposure limits, respectively. All these vapes were found in schools in the UK. 

Councillor Barbara Bentham commented that “properly regulated vapes are a great way to help adults quit tobacco but shouldn’t be in the hands of individuals under 18.” 

Ways to spot illegal vapes in Switzerland: 

  • No French or German on the packaging. 
  • Showing 1000+ puffs for a 2ml tank. 
  • Nicotine levels above 2ml. 
  • No website or Instagram page for the brands or manufacturers. 
  • Products that resemble well-established brands. 
  • Products designed to appeal to children. 
  • QR codes can serve as a good indicator of legality. 

Author Alex Forbes